Do you want to know if the company’s h1b application is approved? Immigration’s H-1B Employer Database gives you the answer

  • Oakley Mason
  • June 1, 2019
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The Immigration Department has launched an h1b employer information database with the aim of enhancing information transparency. Anyone can search for the company’s h1b application information, as well as NAICS code, Tax ID, location and zip code, and more.

So how are these data collected by the Immigration Bureau? The Immigration Service claims that the data comes from the final result (approval or rejection) of the I-129 form submitted by each employer, and appeals or cancellations are not counted. However, the Immigration Service also said that the data was manually entered by the immigration staff, so there may be some mistakes. At present, the data of this database is only the data from the fiscal year 2009 to the first quarter of the 2019 fiscal year, after which the Immigration Bureau will update the database regularly. The database is part of the information disclosure action carried out by the Immigration Service under Trump’s “Buy American, Americans” administrative order. In addition, the control of the o1 visa (also known as o1签证) is also increasing, with the aim of enhancing the transparency of h1b employer information. It has no relationship with the h1b visa process (also known as h1b签证流程) and does not affect the approval of h1b or h1b rfe. In fact, the key to whether each h1b application can be approved is whether the h1b beneficiary meets the requirements of the Department of Immigration for “Specialty Occupation”. Therefore, the company’s past h1b visa (also known as h1b签证) application can not be used to measure the probability of their h1b application.

If you find that your company’s h1b data in the past few years is not ideal, you don’t need to worry. After all, the background, education, and position of each employee are different. The content of each employee’s h1b application materials will be different. Maybe your case is very convincing in the eyes of immigration reviewers, and you can get approval once!

There are currently no employers who have publicly commented on this database. However, we can also foresee that employers who have not responded well to h1b applications in the past few years may be affected when recruiting foreign employees. Foreigners in New York may be more inclined to go to h1b when they are looking for a job in New York (also known as 纽约找工作) or looking for an internship (also known as 找实习). Apply for a company with a higher throughput. I wonder if this will affect the attitude of these companies to foreign employees?