The Best Los Angeles SEO Trends to Have In 2019

As an online content writer, you must already know that content is everything. Every Los Angeles SEO writer thrives on getting the latest trends in SEO writing. What you provide your audience will be what determines how well your content ranks. You must have heard of other content writers say, “Content is King” in SEO writing. However, that’s only always half the work. SEO trends keep changing from time to time. It is, therefore, essential that you always keep current with the SEO trends that are making noise in the content writing industry and see how they can work in your favor as well. Failure to do so, and you stand the chance of having content that doesn’t rank as well. SEO trends that may do well the previous year and get your content the best possible search engine rankings may not perform as well in the next coming years.

So, start asking your marketing selves which new SEO trends will boom this coming 2019 and how can they benefit your content writing processes? Remember, you want to get your content into 2019 with a bang, a pop and keep it up there ahead of the competition. However, that’s always usually said than done. But with patience and determination, you can get your content rankings to soar throughout the year.

Here are the best Los Angeles SEO trends to consider and incorporate in your writing

  1. Create the highest-quality content

The quality of content you create for your audience matters a lot. Even the search engines, Google especially, admit that quality content ranks high up the list of things that you must address to get good rankings. In 2019, you can expect this SEO trend to hit the low E-A-T sites adversely. E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness. If the quality of the content that you provide doesn’t meet the minimum required SEO trends and standards, then you can expect it to hit your site hard.

Los Angeles SEO works to help you get rich, quality content that works to directly impact the lives of your audiences positively. You must, therefore, stay committed to providing your audience with the highest-quality content. The content must incorporate happiness, financial stability, health, and income to your users. This is the only way you can ensure to stay competitive in the writing business and rank higher.

  1. Take advantage of voice search

2019 also shows a lot of promise when it comes to incorporating voice searches to websites more. Voice search is already a thing now even though it hasn’t taken much root to affect SEO optimization and trends. But who is to say it won’t become worth touching on this year?

To stay in the game, you must also keep voice search optimization on your radar this 2019. It’s already evident that online customers find voice search to be quite helpful. And as this technology keeps on improving and becoming more accessible, it’s bound to be more common this year than ever before.

Therefore, if possible, work to also incorporate voice search on your content that audiences view through their mobile devices. Work to optimize your local search, use FAQ pages in your sites, and work to make them mobile-friendly. Do all these things right, and you should see your search engine rankings rise as well.

  1. Create mobile-friendly content

This is one SEO trend that has continued to trickle through the years. Plus, it also seems to be one that will continue to have more hold on SEO trends. In March 25th, 2018, Google also announced that it would be enrolling out the mobile-first indexing on its Webmaster Central Blog. The switch to mobile-first means that Google will pay more attention to the mobile versions of the pages you create for indexing and ranking. Therefore, you must prepare yourself and your content early enough not to get caught off-guard by this new SEO trend.

However, it’s also still crucial to note that Google will still look at, and even index and rank your desktop site versions, therefore, don’t cut it out either. Work on making your content display better on mobile devices. Remember, Google will also be looking to see the ease with which your audiences can navigate, read, and use your content through their mobile devices.

Work to ensure that you have both the desktop version and mobile version of your content that your audience can access. This will also work more in your favor as long as you follow all the good search engine ranking trends.

  1. Ranking of featured snippets should go up in value

This is also another big deal and SEO trend to watch out for come 2019. Overwhelmingly, you find that featured snippets are slowly taking up all the top spots in Google rankings. Featured snippets are trending so much to the point that marketers now call this highly desirable snippet spot the ‘position zero.’

As a content creator, you naturally want to have all the key pieces of your content featuring in the top placements. But how is this possible? Well, you can start by:

  • Creating content that ranks on the first page
  • Focusing on answers to your audiences’ questions
  • Using numbered and bulleted lists especially when it comes to subheads
  1. Improve your UX (Understand and RankBrain)

This is yet another major SEO trend that should make waves this 2019. UX is an essential part of Google’s core algorithm. It uses machine learning to help the search engine serve users better by providing search results based on the users’ search intent.

However, understanding RankBrain is one thing. Knowing how to use that knowledge to stay ahead of the competition is another. To make the best of RankBrain, you must:

  • Optimize your Headlines and Metas to be more enticing
  • Pay more attention to page usability

Get these two points right, and you’ll be swimming in successful content creation and writing SEO trends in 2019.

Final thoughts

By now, you should already be able to deduce that Los Angeles SEO trends keep evolving every year. It is, therefore, upon you, the content creator, to ensure you stay updated to what the new trends are. You also want to make sure to do away with the SEO tends that search engines consider redundant and don’t add any value to your rankings. Whatever happens, know that your content can only get as far if your audiences can get to it. And search engines play a huge role to make that happen. So, work hard to please the search engines and make them love the content you provide.