The Most Important Security Features Required For Your Smartphone

Do you know what are the most important security features required for your smartphone? Many people without understanding what they need blindly pick the security solutions only to find that the solutions chosen are very limited or inadequate. Here are some of the key factors that you need to look for when you are selecting the smartphone security solutions.

Option to set your own private keys is an important factor your security application should have. Most of the solutions that we have today do not allow the users to set their private keys. Instead what happens is that they set the keys for you and upload it to your device. It gives the security company complete access to that data. There are companies which sell the access codes. In other words, you are not enjoying complete security that you are supposed to be enjoying despite paying a lot of money.

Complete email encryption is important. Here again most of the encryption solutions that you find online offer only partial encryption. The email message is encrypted but the header is left intact. The hackers have access to this information and they can capture all the data from the header. Security applications such as SkyECC offers end to end encryption, even the header is fully encrypted and you do not lose any information to the hackers.

Thirdly, your security application should let to set time limit for the messages you send out so that only the intended recipient receives the message. Sky ECC is very powerful tool that lets you send self-destructive messages. All the messages you send will be deleted from all the locations including your device, server traces and the recipient’s device. You will therefore not have to worry about confidential about losing your messages to unauthorized people.

Fourthly, the security application should not limit its protection just to textual data but also to images. Check whether the images you send are encrypted by the security tool. If not, you will not be able to send out any confidential data in the form of images. Often the scanned images of confidential documents are sent through mobile phones. You will need to protect such data communications too safe and that is why image encryption is important.

All the data in your mobile phone should be stored in secure vaults. Your smartphone security application should enable you to store all the data safe and password protect it.

The contacts list should not be left unprotected. Even the contacts list should be encrypted. It is important to check whether the security software encrypts the contacts list because most of the security solutions that we have today does not have this feature. Sky Ecc however offers this feature.

If you want all in one smartphone security solution go for Sky Ecc and you will certainly not regret. You just need to pay for a single application and manage a single solution. Sky Ecc is therefore the most hassle free way to protect your smartphone communications and your data.